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Peppermint Indoor Pest Control Spray - Natural Essential Oils - Pet and Family Safe - 32 oz.

Say Goodbye to Pesky Pests with Wondercide's Natural Indoor Pest Control Spray - Safe for Your Family and Pets!

- Pleasant Scent: The peppermint scent of this spray is refreshing and pleasant, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer natural scents. It can help to freshen up the air in the room while also repelling pests.
- Easy to Use: Wondercide Indoor Pest Control Spray comes in a convenient spray bottle that makes it easy to apply. Simply spray it in areas where pests are present, and it will help to repel them. It is also easy to store and can be used as needed.

Wondercide is a natural and effective indoor pest control spray that is perfect for use in your home and kitchen. It is designed to kill a wide range of pests, including ants, roaches, spiders, flies, fleas, and bugs. This powerful insect repellent is made with natural essential oils, including peppermint, which is known for its ability to repel pests. The 32 oz spray bottle is easy to use and provides long-lasting protection against pests. Wondercide is safe for both pets and families, making it an ideal choice for those who want to eliminate pests without using harmful chemicals. With Wondercide, you can enjoy a pest-free home and kitchen without worrying about the safety of your loved ones.